About Destination NZ

About Us

Destination NZ is a 100% New Zealand owned organisation, developed by top Commercial Real Estate Agent SImon Rowland-Jones. With a team of committed professionals supporting the organisation, Destination NZ has the extensive experience to assist in all areas of investment within New Zealand

Simon Rowland-Jones


The site is the brain child of Simon Rowland Jones who has an extensive background in the import/export markets, and ranks amongst the top Commercial Real Estate Agents in the country.

Over the years Simon has developed an invaluable network of connections internationally, including high profile international institutional investment groups, hotel tourism operators and property investors/developers.

Simon has worked on many high profile commercial, residential and business sales and is known for his professionalism and determination at achieving outstanding results. This experience, alongside the range of international contacts that he deals with daily, from helping them to experience an outstanding holiday adventure to finding suitable investment opportunities led Simon to follow his dream and provide the One Stop service offered by his Destination New Zealand Website.

Simon is 100% shareholder in Destination New Zealand Limited but is backed by a committed team of professionals.

Glenys French

Marketing Manager

Glenys French is responsible for guidance on the development of the site as well as Marketing and promoting the site.

With a background in Advertising, having owned her own Advertising Agency and website company, as well as her many business interests, Glenys has a wide skill base to assist in this business model, to ensure that visitors can find and access the services they need.

She has worked with Simon in her capacity as a Commercial Real Estate Agent, and has owned businesses in Hospitality.