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Why Invest in New Zealand?

Growth. Location. Opportunity.

New Zealand is an ideal setting for producing the finest quality food and beverages because of its temperate climate, moderate rainfall, clean waters, fertile land, and low density population. It is ranked no 4 in the 2016 global peace index and it is fair to say this could improve given instability in various parts across the globe.

It is perfectly located on the doorstep of fast-growing Asian and American markets and continues to serve long standing traditional export markets in Europe. New Zealand’s public sector is consistently ranked among the least corrupt in the world. This reputation is not a coincidence. New Zealand has a long tradition of being first with legislation aimed at promoting human rights.

Integrity and good governance are important to New Zealand as they underpin government legitimacy and the freedoms, civil liberties and ability to participate in a democratic state.

When people trust their institutions, they are more likely to pay their taxes, fill in their census forms and to comply with laws and regulations. New Zealand’s high trust society is both a national treasure and an economic asset. Forbes magazine ranks New Zealand first on its 2012 list of the
Best Countries for Business thanks to a transparent and stable business climate.

Trading partners recognise cost savings for dealing with New Zealand through less need for due diligence, lower contracting costs, and a culture intolerant of corruption.

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