Professional Investment Services

Destination NZ Partnerships

Destination NZ has Partnerships with well known and leading industry organisations, making sure your next investment comes with a smooth process. With accounting, legal, travel and insurance partners, we can ensure your needs and expectations are understood and met to the highest degree. Read more about some of our Partners below.


Destination NZ has partnered with leading accounting and risk advisory firms such as PWC to ensure your next investment passes due dilligence and accounting checks. Further information can be sought regarding tax compliance and operating structures most beneficial to your own situation.


We have regular contact with leading law firms across New Zealand, advising multiple sellers and purchasers on a multitude of legal processes and complexities resulting from large investment transactions. This includes advise with navigating the Overseas Investment Office and more.

Finance and Insurance

Partnering with numerous financial institutions and inusrance providers, we can recommend you to the right people to get your finance and insurance needs looked after. We can help ensure you get the best possible deal on finance and lending agreements, whilst also ensuring all insurance needs are covered and taken care of.


We partner with great travel providers and agents, who can help plan your trip to New Zealand and arround from departure and arrival. They can assist with booking all flights, and meeting your transportation and accomodation needs while your visiting the various cities and areas during your visit.